Contact Information
Andale High School
700 W. Rush
Andale, Kansas 67001
Phone: 316-444-2607
Fax: 316-445-2501
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Winter sports pictures will be taken on Wednesday, December 7, starting at 8:05 am.

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Are you wondering how to apply for money for college?  You must first fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  Andale High School will be holding a FAFSA conference on Monday, December 12 at 6:30 pm in the library.  Stephannie DeLong from Southwestern College will be here to lead you through the process.

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The Andale High School band will be in concert on Monday, December 12, at 7:30 pm in the high school auditorium.  The Choir will be in concert on Thursday, December 15, at 7:30 pm, also in the auditorium. 

Open house will be held on Dec. 13th in conjunction with the home basketball game with Wellington. Come out and see all the great items students have made during the year!

Fall Semester Finals Schedule

Finals will be given according to the following schedule:  In order to be exempt from finals a student must:

Have three or fewer absences and an  “A”

or two or fewer absences and a “B”


Have earned all A.R. points for their goal

Monday, December 19

1st  Period 8:05 – 9:35
3rd Period 9:45 – 11:15
Lunch 11:15 – 11:45
5th Period 11:45 – 1:15
Make-up 1:15 – 3:38


Tuesday, December 20

2nd Period 8:05 – 9:35
4th Period 9:45 – 11:15
Staff Dinner 11:30 – 12:15
Make-up 12:15 – 3:38


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