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Newman and Hutch CC Enrollments

AHS students who are enrolled in dual credit classes at Andale High School will be enrolling at the high school.  Kansas Newman will be here Monday, August 29, to enroll students, and Hutchinson CC will be hereTuesday, August 30.

Picture Days are September 7th and 8th

All individual student pictures will be taken on Wednesday, September 7, starting with the Seniors at 8:05. The individual senior photos will be used in the hall panel and all individual photos will be used in the school yearbook. Photos may also be purchased.

In addition to individual student pictures, group pictures of Fall sports and activities will be taken, including Cross Country, Volleyball, Girls’ Golf, Cheer, and Dance.

Football pictures will be taken on Thursday, September 8.

Enrollment and Important Dates

August 1 -  Enrollment  12:00-8:00 PM (Library)

August 2 - Enrollment  8:00 AM- 4:00 PM (Library)

August 9 - Freshmen and first time athlete meeting  6:00 PM (Commons)

August 9 - Fall Sports Meetings with coaches   6:30 PM  (Classrooms)

August 15 - First Day of Fall Sports Practices

August 25 - First Day of School (Freshmen and New Students)

August 26 - First Day of School  (Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors)


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