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Head Coach: Chase Boyd
Phone: 316-444-2607

Overall Record Since 2013 (86-24 = .782%)

2013 (21-2) Regional Champions

2014 (19-4)  Regional Champions

2015 (12-8) Lost in Regional Championship

2016 (16-6)  Lost in Regional Championship

2017 (18-4)  Lost in Regional Championship


League Champions  (45-3) 
2013 (Co) (9-1)

2014 (10-0)

 2015 – (7-1)

2016 (10-0)

2017 (9-1)


Regional Champions

2008, 2013, 2014



2nd – 2008





The Varsity games vs. Collegiate scheduled for today Thursday, April 26 have been pushed back to tomorrow Firday, April 27 starting at 3:30 @ Collegiate. 



       Pitches              Required Rest

76-105             4 days
61-75               3 days
46-60               2 days
31-45               1 day
1-30                 0 days


The above pitch count chart applies to all levels of competition.

Required rest means calendar days. Throwing 105 pitches on Monday means the required rest period will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The first available day to return to competitive pitching is Saturday.

All pitch count guidelines apply to an individual pitcher on a daily basis. For example, a pitcher could pitch in both games of a double header, not to exceed 105 pitches. The total number of pitches the pitcher throws that day will determine the pitcher’s days of rest that must follow the double header.

A player’s pitch count and required days of rest apply to games at any and all levels of play.

Example: Player A throws 62 pitches in a junior varsity game. Player A must rest 3 days before pitching in a JV, Varsity or other sublevel game.

Number of pitches are competitive pitches only. Warmup or bullpen pitches do not count.

*A pitcher will be allowed to finish a batter if they reach the max of 105 in the middle of the at bat.



Results and Score

Varsity (8-4)   League (5-1)

Game 1: Andale 0  Augusta  1  (8 innings)    Game 2: Andale 4    Augusta    3

Junior Varsity (7-5-2)  League (4-1-1)

Game 1: Andale 6    Augusta   7    Game 2: Andale 3    Augusta  5

C Team (2-6)    

 Game 1: Andale 3  Hutchinson   4     Game 2: Andale  2    Hutchinson  12


College Signings (14 Since 2013)

Congratulations to the following Student-Athletes and their families on this exciting time in their lives. You have worked hard for this so go enjoy it. 


Michael Post – Hutchinson Community College

Brody Cates – Northeastern State (Oklahoma) 

Sam Savoie – Tabor College




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