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Our mission is to prepare AHS students to be lifelong learners and responsible citizens in the community through a comprehensive program that will meet their academic, personal, social and career needs. Through the counseling process, the counselors will develop a purposeful, reciprocal relationship in which the individual student can better understand him/herself in relation to his/her present and future problems. Through a greater understanding of self, changes can and will occur in the individual’s attitudes and behavior. 

Barton Community College

Junior Day is April 14, 2021. If interested and to sign up click JUNIOR DAY by April 5.

Pittsburg State University

I am excited to share a couple of new opportunities for your students.  The first is that I have scheduled two evening Zoom sessions in which parents and students can log in to join me in a Pitt State presentation and Q/A session on either Thursday, December 3rd 6:30-7:30 pm or Saturday, December 5th 11:30 am-12:30 p.m. Students can register by clicking on the date they want to attend; a Zoom Meeting link will be emailed to them prior to the event. 

A second piece of news. . . We are waiving our application fee for the 2021 school year!  Yes, you heard that correctly. Please encourage your students to apply. . . it's all about "options," as I tell students.

Virtual Career Fair

Here’s a unique opportunity for students to explore career options in a virtual setting.
McPherson County is hosting a come-and-go virtual career fair on Friday, Oct. 23rd from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. It is FREE to attend, and it offers a great opportunity for students to visit booths and explore different industries. Businesses will also be available to answer questions and discuss career paths.
Please pass this information along to your colleagues and students. Check here for information about registration and businesses attending.

Wichita State University-Important Deadlines

OCTOBER 12 - Rudd Scholarship application opens for 25 full-ride scholarships. Apply at
OCTOBER 15 - Admissions Application Deadline for participation in DSI, Passage 2 Success, Parkinson, Barton, Klose, Walsh, Wallace, Koch, and McGregor Scholarship Competitions
Freshmen Merit Scholarship deadline
NOVEMBER 1 - Admission Application Deadline for Linwood Sexton Scholarship
NOVEMBER 1 - Scholarship Application Deadline for DSI, Passage 2 Success, Parkinson, Barton, Klose, Walsh, Wallace, Koch, and McGregor Scholarship Competitions
NOVEMBER 20 - Competition date for Distinguished Scholarship Invitational, Barton, Klose, and Wallace Scholarships
NOVEMBER 21 - Competition date for Distinguished Scholarship Invitational (if not competing on Nov. 20) & Koch Scholarships
DECEMBER 1 - FAFSA Priority Date; Linwood Sexton Scholarship Application Deadline
DECEMBER 5 - McGregor Scholarship Competition Date
DECEMBER 11 - Rudd Foundation Scholarship application deadline. Apply at
DECEMBER 18 - Jabara Scholarship Materials Deadline
Click to view the September scholarship edition newsletter.

Wichita State University

Black & Yellow Day is a program for high school juniors and seniors. Students will have the opportunity to explore academic and student life opportunities, hear from current Wichita State students, and see what campus looks like from the comfort of your own home.

The virtual event will be held on Saturday, October 24 from 1-4:30 pm.
Students will receive a final confirmation email with Zoom links and the students' customized schedules the week of Black & Yellow Day. All students who attend will receive a FREE Wichita State t-shirt.
Click to learn more and register for Black & Yellow Day

KU Doc For A Day

Seniors! For more information please click on the General Documents tab. It will be Saturday, November 7, 2020 from 8am-noon. Deadline to register is October 19, 2020.

Virtual College Fairs

Virtual College Fairs:

KACRAO & NACAC will be sponsoring virtual college fairs for students this fall.  Feel free to share the attached flyer with your school community.  Click the links below to find out more about each event & how your students can sign up.

KACRAO Virtual College Fairs:  October 5, 6, 14 & 15


Virtual Fair 1 - Monday, October 5

9:00 - 9:45 am

10:00 - 10:45 am

11:00 - 11:45 am


Virtual Fair 2 - Tuesday, October 6

5:00 - 5:45 pm

6:00 - 6:45 pm

7:00 - 7:45 pm

Virtual Fair 3 - Wednesday, October 14

9:00 - 9:45 am

10:00 - 10:45 am

11:00 - 11:45 am


Virtual Fair 3 - Thursday, October 15

5:00 - 5:45 pm

6:00 - 6:45 pm

7:00 - 7:45 pm

NACAC Virtual College Fairs: October 12, 18 & Nov. 8

Pittsburg State Rumble In The Jungle

PSU Rumble In The Jungle will be hosting a virtual event. It will be Wednesday, October 7 from 1pm to 2;30 pm. For more information please click Rumble In The Jungle. Also, if you would like to schedule a Campus Visit, Please click Campus

Butler Community College Grizzly Senior Days

High school Seniors! Butler CC has several fun filled days for you to choose from both in El Dorado and Andover! For more information and to registrar please click on Butler Grizzly’s! 


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