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Head Coach: Alex Butterfield
Phone: 316-641-7744
Andale GP Baseball
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Dear baseball players and parents,

It seems like so long since  we have gotten to see you; we hope you are all doing well and we get to see you at the diamond this spring. In that spirit, we need to get some information to you regarding our plans for fundraising for the 2021 spring season. 

Each season, we buy each player a hat, practice shorts, two practice tops, and an alternate jersey with his name and number on the back to keep (this is also our sub-varsity jersey). We would love to get them all a team hoodie at some point, but that may be down the road a bit. With what we currently buy for them, we spend around $80 per player. As you can see, that adds up fairly quickly for us, so we will need your help in raising that money for our players.

Last year, on top of our annual burrito feed, we worked concession stands at both Andale and Garden Plain basketball games to fundraise. We will continue to do that, based on need, and have also signed up the baseball team to work the concession stands for the first two home football games in Andale (9/11 and 9/18). We appreciate everyone last year who contributed to the burrito feed and those of you that volunteered to work concession stands.

This year, we will have two options for players/families to help contribute to the fundraising for gear that we buy for every player. We will have an $80 buyout option for families that would rather pay their player’s fee over working concessions/burrito feed. If you choose to work concessions we ask that each player (or player representative) sign up to work at least three sessions of concession stands between football and basketball and help out with the burrito feed.  If we are able to earn enough money from our concession stand nights, we can forgo the burrito feed unless that is something the players and parents decide they want to do. Just for reference, we made more money through concession stands last year than we did from our burrito feed. 

In order to make all of this work and hopefully run smoothly, we ask that you please let us know your son’s intentions to play and if your family will be doing the buyout or working concessions by 9/4. We know things can change, but this gives us an idea of how many concession stand nights we need to sign up for going forward. We also ask that your son’s buyout fee be paid by 2/1/2021. We will wait as long as we can to order everything this year until we have a clearer picture as to if spring sports can take place. If your son intends to play, please click the link below and fill out the form with your player’s name and your fundraising intention. The other link is the SignUpGenius to work the football games. 

Baseball Player Interest Form:


Thank you for your time and help in advance!

Coach Butterfield

Coach Reida

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Coach Butters


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