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"The world only exists in our eyes. You can make it as big or as small as you want."
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Welcome to the College and Career Center, where you can find all things related to college and career!


Deciding “what next” is a very important question that every student will experience sooner or later. The counseling department at AHS is dedicated to helping guide the student population in answering that very question. On this page you will find a variety of resourses to help guide you through the college/career process. We support a diverse group of learners searching for their own path whether that be a 4 year institution, 2 year college, teachnical college, and those who go straight into a career. Our goal is to create options and opportunities for any and all students who seek the NEXT STEP!




College bound student athletes planning to attend an NCAA sponsored institution must be registered through NCAA’s clearing house in order to be able to compete at the collegiate level. register online at NCAA CLEARINGHOUSE. The full guide is available under general documents on the counselor page. If you have any additional questions, see the counselor.  


College bound student athletes planning to attend an NAIA sponsored institution must be registered through the NAIA’s clearing house in order to be able to compete at the collegiate level. Students can register online at NAIA CLEARINGHOUSE. The full guide is available on the counselor page. If you have any additional questions, see the counselor. 




Interested in researching potential college options? Take a look at Big Future presented by College Board. While there you can search nearly 4,000 schools based on location, school type, campus life, academics and more. Just click on Big Future below to get started.  




Have questions about careers of interest to you? Take a look the Occupational Outlook Handbook.  There you can find occupations based on pay, education level, job growth rate and more. This is a great resource for students to start the career exploration process. 





College Price Comparison

Part of the college decision making proces includes understanding the cost of attendace.

The tool below can be used to view data on up to 3 College/Universities at once. While there, students can view:

Click HERE to get started 

  • cost of Attendance
  • School Population
  • Admissions expectations
  • location and type of school



College/University Comparison

Are you planning on attending a public In-state College/University?

This interactive online tool reviews cost and earnings data from real graduates for each undergraduate degree program offered at a public university in Kansas. (Click the logo to explore)

With hundreds of degree programs available, there are many factors to consider when picking the university and the degree that are the best match for you. Explore this site to learn more about the specific costs of each undergraduate degree program offered in Kansas, and the earnings those graduates are making today


College Representative Questions?

Are you a student who wants to speak to a College/University representative during college visit days at AHS but simply don’t know what to ask? If you said “yes” than take a look at  Top Questions to Guide you to the Perfect College to help better prepare you for those college visits!



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