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Egg My House Fundraiser Details!

What’s This “Egg My House” All About?!

“Egg My House” will be a new fundraiser put on by the Andale High School volleyball team to raise money for volleyballs and warm up gear for ALL volleyball athletes. “Egg My House” involves students from AHS hiding eggs for parents/children at their homes for them to wake up to for an Easter morning surprise! 

Where do I go to sign up?! You can click on the google form link below to sign up for eggs to be hid at your residence. If you have questions you can contact Kaylie Bergkamp via email at 

How do I pay? You can sign up NOW and pay later (by March 29th). Checks can be mailed to the following below or money/check can be dropped off at Andale High School. Confirmation emails will be sent when we receive your payment. OR YOU CAN VENMO KAYLIE BERGKAMP, (@Kaylie-Bergkamp)

Sign Up Form:

Mail or Drop Off  Payment At: 

Andale High School

Attention: Volleyball

700 Rush Ave. 

Andale, KS 67001

Checks Made Out to: 

Indian Volleyball


What does “Egg My House” mean? This is just simply a phras and means we’ll be hiding PLASTIC EASTER EGGS at your residence that are filled with candy for childrent to wake up to! 

Who can purchase an “Egg My House”? Most of our hiding of eggs will be done in the Andale, Colwich/St. Marks, Garden Plain, Mt. Hope and Maize area, but if you’re not sure if it’s to far of a ‘drive’ for us just conact Kaylie Bergkamp! 

What do I get with the purchase of an “Egg My House”? You will get a set amount of eggs (based upon what you purchase, 50 or 100 eggs) filled with an assorment of candy (i.e. any where from airheads to chocolate and much more candy!)

How much does this cost? $25 for 50 eggs and $50 dollars for 100 eggs! 

WHO hides these eggs? Students under adult supervision will hide the eggs at your residence based upon the address you provide in the google form or emailed to Kaylie Bergkamp.

WHEN will these eggs be hid? Sunday morning early. 

WHERE will these eggs be hid? When you sign up you must provide us details about where you want us to hide eggs (a general vicinity) and we will follow those directions! Need to change where we hide them, just email Kaylie Bergkamp at! 

How will I know when you’re arriving to hide the eggs? We plan routes out ahead of time. Please be patient with us all eggs should be hidden by 8:30AM at the latest

What does the money go towards? Obviously there are costs that have to be offset such as the purchase of plastic eggs and bags of candy, but any additionaly money will be put towards volleyballs and equipment for ALL volleyball players at Andale HS!

Have more questions? Contact Kaylie Bergkamp at




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