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Kaylie Bergkamp

Welcome to the College & Career Readiness Website!

Click the link below to see what one our interns, Maddie Cress, created while interning at Cassandra Bryan Design (CBD). This video is a branch off of Renwick Made!

The Renwick #USD 267 – Andale High School Senior Internship Program is in its start of our seventh year of existence. Students are matched with a career/business mentor in an active, hands on application of 21st Century employability skills. 

Students spend 4 days a week with their career mentor in an employment setting, and 1 day1 a week on campus working on  employability skills and prep work for post-secondary education. The possibilities within our internship program are endless, not only are we giving students hands on experiences while they’re in high school, but helping them become successful well beyond our high school doors. 

When people ask “Why an internship” our response back is WHY NOT?! With the networking opportunities, job offers and hands on learning expereinces you gain in your chosen career field, I’m not sure who would turn down such a great opportunity! In today’s world it’s not what you know but WHO you know and having a career mentor at your internship site the entire way through your internship, I’m not sure it could get any better than that!

We also offer two other courses one which is Junior Career Explore for juniors and seniors only. This course teaches in-depth employablity skills and gives students the opportunity to go on three seperate job shadows, this class is intended to lead you into the internship course which is offered to seniors only. Junior Career Explore is only offered in the spring each year so make sure you plan accordingly! 

Lastly, we have a course called Intro to Life Success and this is where it all begins! Every freshman is requried to take this course and helps introduce students to future careers, learning more about their skills and abilities and financial literacy. 

If you’d like to learn more about our program and the benefits of being apart of our internship program whether you’re a business mentor, parent or student please reach out to Kaylie Bergkamp (see contact info below).

Wishing the best to all of you as we start another successful school year!


Kaylie Bergkamp

College & Career Advocate

Andale High School


Kaylie Bergkamp

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