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Emma Oberley

Welcome to Andale High Schools Family and Consumer Sciences Webpage


The Andale High School Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) Program currently offers five classes and one club to our students.


The Nutrition and Wellness classes are composed of three different classes at three different levels: Introduction, Second, and Advanced. These classes focus on cooking and sewing skills with each level becoming more advanced. Students will participate in cooking labs, group work, sewing labs, and service projects. Student will also learn about health and wellness in the areas of nutrition, mental, physical, and emotional health. Students will come away from each level with a class made recipe book and a variety of sewing projects.


The Human Growth and Development with Family Studies introduces student to the world of families and human development through projects and hands on learning. In Human Growth and Development, students will learn about physical, mental, and emotional development of humans from in utero development to kindergarten age. In Family Studies, students will learn about themselves and different types of relationships. Students will also learn how families are built and different family styles. Students will have the opportunity to work hands on with Kindergarten students at Andale Elementary.


In our NEW 8th grade class, Introduction to Family and Consumer Sciences, students will have the opportunity to get a brief overview of all the classes offered to the high schools students.


Starting this year, students will also have the opportunity to participate in Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). FCCLA gives students the opportunity to dive deeper into what FACS can offer them post high school. Students also will have the opportunity to lead their fellow students, get hands on experiences, and meet students from other high schools around the state.

Emma Oberley

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